Air Conditioning Services

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Air Conditioning Services

Enjoy Fresh, Breezy Indoor AC

It is around 90 degrees during the summer, and 120 degrees in your attic and it is nearly impossible to install a new air conditioning system under the extreme heat. Don't wait for the summer heat to scorch up your home, it would be best to start planning during the Fall, Winter, and Spring for an earlier installation. Whats better than coming home to a cool home during the summer without having any worries of it possibly going out on you? Let Jorden's and its five-star field technicians make this into a reality.

If you're dabbling whether you should repair or replace your system, consider the ongoing cost of constantly repairing. You will save up to 60% on your energy bill with newly updated equipment. Even if your AC is a couple years old, it still might be inadequate compared to todays energy effectiveness standards. Having a new, highly efficient cooling system will pay off in itself for saving energy in the long run within a short amount of time.

Does my Air Conditioning Need Repairs?

Our repair technicians can come 24/7 anytime with the right tools and experience to repair your air conditioning system of all makes and models.

Not sure if you should repair or replace? If your system breaks down more than often, it will be a possibility that it will break down again. This will ripple into more expensive emergency calls and possible damage to other parts of your AC system. We will do whatever it takes to keep your system constantly blowing the cool air that you need for your home, but it will just be cost effective to replace it with an newly updated efficient system.

Does my AC Need Maintenance?

It is highly recommended that you do an annual tune up to avoid expensive cost in unexpected breakdowns, and a shorter lifespan of your cooling system. You may not realize the difference until your energy bill comes. Setting up a routine maintenance with Jorden's not only will keep your system in top shape but will actually save you money over time.