Heating Ventilation Services

Keeping You and Your Family Cozy Every Winter

There is a lot that goes on into maintaining your home at the optimal temperature. From restoring your furnace to scheduling a tune-up, or furnace repairs, Jorden's has your back on all fronts. We know that your furnace systems serves as the most dependable source for the indoor warmth that you need during the howling cold in the winter. We come equipped with the right equipment to handle everything you need.

At Jordens, your satisfaction is our priority! Trust us to keep you warm on the winter nights. Call 713-686-3408 for the best quality services in Houston and the surrounding areas.


Need A Repair? We Got You Covered

Whether your furnace fails in the middle of morning or the middle of the dinner, we can be out to restore your furnace as soon as possible. Our experts have earned the most respected training and certification in the industry, so when they get to you they’ll get the job done right the first time.

Installation and Replacement

We understand that upgrading your furnace is a huge step, but no worries. As trusted experts of your comfort within your home, we we will process a thorough evaluation of your property to determine the best heating solutions to fit your budget and needs. If you're constantly repairing, it is likely time for time for an upgrade.  A new furnace will operate more efficiently, and with scheduled tune-ups, last longer and require little to no repairs. We will offer financing as this is a big decision, this is a big step, but we will be there with you evert step of the way.


Furnace Maintenance

The most effective way to avoid  performance and efficiency issues is to schedule an annual furnace maintenance with Jorden's in Houston. Our expert furnace maintenance technicians have you covered. This will be the key to a long last furnace as a properly maintained furnace will stay in a prime working condition longer, providing continuous warmth for you and your loved ones throughout the cold winter season.

A malfunctioning heater can put you and family at risk when there is combustion problems; carbon monoxide can come out of the unit while trapped dust can be issue for the quality of your air.

Maintaining Your Heater, We Test:

  • All The Electric Components
  • Clean Gas Burner
  • Verify The Correct Airflow and Blower Operation
  • Gas Valve Calibration


While regular furnace maintenance will reduce repair costs, it can also help reduce the cost of your energy bill, and that’s money that stays in your pocket. When the equipment is maintained, it simply runs more efficiently and reduces the chances you'll need our emergency heating repair service.